> Order

  • 1 - I don't understand how to order

    1 - Create a customer account 
    2 - choose items you want to buy by "add to cart"
    3 - choose chekout to validate your order
    4 -  follow the instructions until validation completed

  • 2 - I forgot an item in my order, can you help me? or: I'd like to change my order?

    Once validated and paid order, your products are already being prepared, it is not possible to cancel or change your order. If you have chosen to pay by check and your order have not been shipped yet or performed, we can possibly change the order, thank you to contact us immediately. 

> Payment

  • 3 -  I have choosen the wrong payment method, how?

    Send us an email specifying the payment method you would like to choose.
    If you wish to pay by credit card, canceling your order is needed, please contact us so that we can proceed with the cancellation and allow you to move to new command

  • 4 - Do you accept cash payment ? 

    No, we do not accept payment in cash
    Thank you to check "payment" page for more information


> shipping

  • 5 - When will I receive my order?
    thanks to consult  "shipping" page
  • 6 - I live in a country which is not proposed on your website, can I order ?

    I you live inside Europe, please contact us.
    if you live outside Europe, we are sorry to informe you that you can't order on our website for the moment


> Returns

  • 7 - I would like to return an item, how to do ?
    Thanks to consult : Returns page

> Others 

  • 8 - Do you wholesale ?

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